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Coconut Creek AC Services Coconut Creek, FL 954-246-0878In the heart of Broward County lies a quiet and beautiful city that derives its name from the abundance of coconut trees dotting its landscape. Coconut Creek is a blissful escape from the rest of the world, offering a mix of old town charm in an essentially modern community. From its lush greenery to its spotless beaches, it’s being hailed as one of the best places to live in Florida – and it’s not without reason. Also known as the ‘Butterfly Capital of the World’ thanks to its aviary that hosts over 5000+ live butterflies, the city has remained a popular tourist attraction throughout the years and oozes charm, beauty and splendor like no other city in the region.

ACs: Keeping the city cool and ‘fresh’

Apart from its hot summers, if you’re living in Coconut creek, then you must know ‘Mount Trashmore’, the 225-foot high landfill of trash that has been sending up foul-smelling odors into the city’s air since 1965. While in 2010, the city imposed strict restrictions on the type of debris dumped into the land, it still doesn’t eliminate the fact that you could be breathing in contaminated air, more so indoors than outdoors. Your air conditioner doubles up as a system that not only keeps you cool, but also filters out pollutants from the air, and sends cool, fresh air into your space. With ACs playing such a vital role, you need to make sure you team up with the right service partner such as Coconut Creek AC Services, so that your cool, comfort and health is never compromised.

The right AC service partner

Not all service companies you find in Coconut Creek are the same. You don’t want to be recommended a replacement when all that is needed is a repair. You don’t want to be fitted with the wrong sized AC and find yourself paying up over-the-top energy bills. You don’t want to end up waiting for hours to get your air conditioning fixed on a summer afternoon. And that’s why, you always need to be careful who you hire. Choose Coconut Creek AC Services – a firm that has unmatched reputation spanning over two decades, and a clientele base comprising residential and commercial clients in the thousands.

We can keep your property:

Cool: You don’t have to worry about your AC going bust or dying out before it’s due. We sell high-quality air conditioners from top brands, carry out proper installation, maintain them regularly and carry out repairs as and when needed, so that your comfort and cool is kept up, at all times.

Fresh: Unfortunately, life in Coconut Creek comes with the possibility that you could be inhaling copious amounts of pollutants with every breath you take. Our HVAC experts can keep your units clean and pollution-free, and also install air purifiers, UV lights and other systems to keep your property fresh.

From installation to repairs, from start to finish, we’ll be your trusted AC service partners in Coconut Creek. Call us now on 954-246-0878!

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