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Coconut Creek AC Services Coconut Creek, FL 954-246-0878History has charted man’s progress through the ages, but nothing highlights progress more than the onset of the Industrial Age, which transformed the world as we know it. A remarkable transformation story is that of Broward County – a land that was once deemed ‘unfit for human habitation’. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, however, saw potential, and soon, a revolution was brought about which made Broward into what it is today! A vivid picture of urban sophistication nestled amidst clear blue skies, bright sunshine and pristine waters – it’s the perfect example of how the products of the Industrial Revolution merged seamlessly with Nature.

Cradled in its warmth

Truth be told, the warm climate of Broward County provides a welcome respite from the harsh winters elsewhere in the country – and it was one of the reasons why the county experienced the growth that it did. The year-round sunshine and clear skies can rejuvenate the senses, but the only downside to its blissful climate came in the summers when the mercury levels were known to hit a high. With population explosion, building architecture in the county changed drastically to accommodate the increased number of people. The hot, stuffy, cramped interiors could leave one drenched in sweat during the summers – but soon, it all changed when air conditioning, which was also a product of the Industrial Age, arrived on the scene.

These manmade engineering marvels allowed the local community to bask in the region’s sunshine while also enabling them to stay cool and comfortable indoors. In fact, its advent spawned off a never-before-seen growth of the economy, and in its own way, it made Broward County what it is today!

How to use air conditioning, the right way?

Needless to say, if you live in Broward County, then you probably have an AC installed in your home/office. In fact, the same is true for the rest of Florida, where around statistics indicate that around 86% of homes use a central air conditioning system. So, it comes as no surprise when we say that the energy consumed in Florida properties to power up air conditioners is around four times the national average. Most property owners let their AC run round-the-clock and don’t pay much attention to its maintenance, and if you’re one of them, it’s time you stopped and started using your air conditioner the right way.

Coconut Creek AC Services will tell you how! Being a leading air conditioner services company in the region, we’ve been delivering impeccable services for a span of over 20 years now! It all starts with the installation. Carrying out proper installation and ensuring the property is well-insulated in itself can save up a significant chunk on your energy bills. In addition, with the right care and maintenance, your AC will operate efficiently and you won’t find yourself running into an unexpected breakdown in peak summer. If you want to keep your residential/commercial air conditioning in trim condition, then let our expert guide you through the process.

You can avail the following from us:

Consultation: Don’t know what would work for you? We’ll help you choose the right AC.

Installation: Need a new AC installed? Rope in the pros to handle the job seamlessly.

Repair: AC stopped working? Don’t fret, our repair expert will fix it no time.

Maintenance: Extend the life of your investment through our maintenance plans.

IAQ improvement: Breathe fresh with our duct cleaning and IAQ improvement solutions.

24-hour solutions: Need immediate assistance? Or overnight installation? Call us on 954-246-0878!

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